Re-Legion is like Syndicate with cults

Every religion starts with a prophet. Ours was about to fall to a pack of unbelieving citizens before even getting a decent following. “Just a second!” says Mateusz Pilski, co-founder and lead programmer at Ice Code Games, demoing the recently announced RTS Re-Legion at PAX South. While he was busy explaining the initial set-up of the demo our starting forces fell, and now our prophet’s in danger of being swarmed by non-believers.

Pilski micro-manages the prophet around the rabble, firing off some holy lasers of righteousness while staying ahead of their fists. The prophet is clad in purple robes and a closed helmet encircled in spikes. He cuts an imposing figure among the urban sprawl of this glitzy cyberpunk world, but some folks are less than impressed.

Though low on health we emerge victorious, surely a sign that our burgeoning cult is the one true faith. Now it’s time to recruit. “In most RTS games in order to get an army you have to build a factory or something,” says Pilski. “In Re-Legion you convert citizens, then upgrade them to advanced units.”

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